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Safety Supplies


Smart Electric Mask with 4-Layer efficient filtration
Mobile Phone Wireless Fast Charging sterilizing box
Mobile Phone High Quality Wireless Fast Charging sterilizing box
18cm Ear Protection for Face Mask In White (50 psc)
Mobile Phone High Quality sterilizing box
  • Compact design, perfectly fitting your ears, invisible and stable even in strenuous exercise.
  • 4 hours long working time with 1 hour charging time, give you plenty of time to call or enjoy the music.
  • Compatible with IOS & Android devices, support magnetic charging.
  • Bluetooth headset connected to the phone after the shutdown, and then open the Bluetooth headset connects back to the phone automatically, more convenient
  • - Allows you to snooze without picking your phone
  • - Answer calls and watch the time and forecast easily
  • - It will secure your phone while you are at the office or at home
  • - Stand is great resting place for your mobile devices
  • - You can safely and conveniently set your phone vertically or horizontally
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